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Block Printing

A tremendous wealth of printers' work can be found on the Web. Here is just a small sampling.


Printsy. A weblog featuring the many printmakers who offer prints for sale on Etsy.

Matt Brown. Woodblock prints making wonderful use of the Japanese "hanga" method.

Leni Fried. A New England artist doing linocuts, including works with themes from her travels to the Carribean.

McCafferty Rudd Studio. The section on collaborative prints by Tom Rudd and Margo McCafferty on this site includes an illustration of the color reduction process along with a fine presentation of richly colored linocuts and woodcuts.

Paulette Nejko. Color woodblock prints from a New England artist, with signs of influence by earlier American woodcut artists.

The Printmaking Studio. Maria Arango hosts this site, which includes a gallery of her many fine prints, including her project of producing 1000 woodblocks. Very helpful how-to's and links.

Andrea Rich. A master of the color woodblock print, specializing in nature themes.

Sabra Field. One of the most prolific and accomplished printers of color wood blocks.

Graham Scholes. Another prolific master, with many pieces depicting Canadian lighthouses.

Laura Wilder. "Period Style" linoleum block prints, deliberately recalling the Arts and Crafts tradition.


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