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Block Printing

The card designs on this site are influenced most by the styles of relief printmaking that were at the height of their American popularity during the early decades of the twentieth century. Much of the enthusiasm for prints was associated with the "Arts and Crafts Movement." The printmaking style of this period has a complicated history. It was primarily inspired by the centuries-old tradition of Japanese woodblock printing, partly as emulated by French artists in the style they called "Japonisme." At the same time, and ironically, the Japanese prints that the French and the Americans were looking at were largely done in what the Japanese artists called the "Western style," a style so called because it incorporated certain Western ways of composing scenes and rendering perspective. Truly an intermingling of traditions! The sites below offer more background on these traditions and in some cases offer introductions to artists who are carrying them forward.


The Arts and Crafts Society. Information on the Arts and Crafts Movement, covering a wide range of media.

Japonisme. The Metropolitan Museum of Art provides an illustrated account of the movement.

Hanga Gallery. A site devoted to Japanese prints of the twentieth century.

Artelino - Japanese Prints. An auction house specializing in traditional and contemporary Japanese prints. The site includes forums and articles on artists, styles, and techniques.

The Ren Brown Collection. A gallery featuring, among other things, a variety of artists in the hanga tradition.

David Bull's Woodblock Printmaking Page. A massive store of information on Japanese printmaking by an artist continuing that tradition with inspiring dedication.


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